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Add new template for specific unit

Goal: add new template to the list of existing templates

A list of existing templates can be viewed in Repository. In this example, we have 4 existing templates:


We would like to add another one. To do this we navigate to Designer and choose Manage the local templates:


A window showing all templates (and its stencils) will be shown. Note there might be two template files with the same name, but they are located in different folders depending on the language.

You now have two options, either copy (and edit) existing template or open file explorer in order to add new template to the folder:


If we choose “Open in the file explorer”, then a new explorer window shows up, where we can add new templates. In our example we have added a new template with the name Business unit (one file for template and one for its stencil):


Now you can go to Repository view, click on “Refresh” button (it is located right under “Repository” tab). Now you see that another template is available for selection when creating a new diagram:


Note: make sure you put your new template files in the right language directory, i.e. if your modeler client language is German, then you have to put your templates in the **/de/** folder. If your modeler language is German and you put your templates only in **/en/** folder, then it will not be updated.