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Advanced Filtering of Data

In this window you can determine easily with the help of filters which specific diagrams or items should be included in the Word document. Activate Advanced filtering of data to define the following filter settings. The filter settings are defined via special formulas.

In the table Affected to determine whether the other settings are to be used for the filtering only of objects or diagrams or objects and diagrams.

In the table Condition, you can define following conditions:

  • With owner

Select a specific owner whose diagrams and/or objects should be displayed. Any user or Windows user group can be selected as an owner. In the latter case all objects and diagrams are shown, which are the members of this group in the property.

  • Created by

Using this option you can publish all objects that were created by a specific user or members of a particular Windows user group.

  • Created after

Objects and/or diagrams created after the selected date are published.

  • Created before

Objects and/or diagrams created before the selected date are published. Define always +1 days. If an object was e.g. created on 20:09:08, you set “created before 21.09.08” to include that item in the report.

  • Changed by

You have the option to evaluate all objects or diagrams and objects in the form of a Word document that have been modified by a specific user or members of a particular Windows user group.

  • Changed after

Objects and/or diagrams modified after the selected date are published.

  • Changed before

Objects and/or diagrams modified before the selected date are published.


  • With Approval Management

Setting this option means that only diagrams and/or objects with certain approval status are included in the Word report (multiple selection is possible in which more lines are selected with “AND”).

  • All statuses
  • Approved
  • Not approved (all are exported except approved diagrams)
  • Undefined
  • New - is still in progress
  • New - Needs improvement
  • New - Waiting for Approval
  • Updated - is still in progress
  • Updated - Needs improvement
  • Updated - Waiting for Approval
  • Deleted

This filter is only available if the approval management has been activated in your database, i.e. a corresponding property (ApprovalStatus) exists in one of the object classes or diagrams available (see approval management). Otherwise this option is greyed out.

  • with tag

Objects and diagrams with selected tags are published. This filter is only available if the selected class contains the special tag property.

  • Satisfy the query criteria

Filtering data can be based on a query created with the help of the process4 - QueryBuilder (see QueryBuilder).  Please note that only queries with the object type “GenericObjects” for Excel data filtering.
The conditions can be combined via the logical operator AND or OR operator. Click ”+” sign if you want to add an additional condition and ”-” sign if you want to delete the condition 328980 ,
OR means logical summation, AND - logical multiplication, which also means that AND has more priority than OR. Use the bracket to determine priority.
For example, “A or B and C” regardless of “or A (B and C)“.
Example: All diagrams (with approval status = new OR with approval status = updated) AND (with owner = “admin,” or with owner = “User1”). Result: all diagrams that have been created or updated by user admin or user1.
In the table Non you can define exceptions. You can display for example, all
objects and diagrams that have been modified by all users except Admin and Designer. The formula is “NOT changed by Admin AND NOT changed by Designer”.

In the field below, a special text is generated that describes all defined filter settings. 


You can also change the order of the rules by drag and drop from the row. The easiest way to achieve this is if you click on the number at the beginning of the row, and then drag the entire row to the new location.