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Analysing query results in Excel

  1. To check all conditions that you have defined and then export them in a report, click Run Query. A progress bar appears in the bottom yellow message window, where you can also stop the process if necessary.

  2. You can export the report to MS Excel. Before exporting, however, exit the editing mode for your query, by clicking on the button Save Query and save the changes.

  3. Start the Excel Report Wizard to select a saved query and export its results to Microsoft Excel. You can start the Excel Report Wizard also from the Ribbons Bar in Visio from the QueryBuilder menu.

  4. Select the desired query to be exported in the opened wizard. As another option, you can also transfer the names of the properties in the evaluation window to Excel, where they are used then as column headings, if you have selected the option Create column headers. If you then confirm by Next, an Excel report is generated based on the selected query and is automatically opened in Microsoft Excel.  329265

  5. Click Open / Close the query to run an existing query again or to carry out changes to the query. Click on this button again to exit the edit mode and save the changes. Using the button  329255   you can remove existing queries from the database.  329267

  6. The queries that are already open in the editing mode and have not yet been saved are marked in bold. If you want to switch to another query, you must close the open query first, by clicking on the “Open / Close the query” button.

  7. In Excel the query looks like this: