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BatchPrinting of Diagrams

As an alternative to the Word Reporter you can export all diagrams without their objects, properties etc. in Word format to print them.
To do this, select this option. 


On the next page you can define the following settings (similar to Word Reporter):

  • Create a new set
  • Select units, where diagrams are available for export
  • Select Word template
  • Save Word document in a specific directory
  • Export diagrams as embedded Visio files or as images (see Settings for publication)
  • Table of contents - select whether you want to add a table of contents
  • Automatic adjustment of pages for diagrams 


Set settings


Page orientation for diagrams

If this option is disabled, a window is generated at the end of the report, where you can see the default diagram orientation and then change it on the table current orientation (e.g. from Landscape to Portrait).

If this option is selected, the page orientation of the diagram (portrait or landscape) is automatically adopted from the page orientation of Visio. 

When you have defined all settings, click Next. In the following window you can define Advanced data filtering for diagrams, as described here in Advanced Filtering of Data.


Advanced data filtering

When you click Next, a window opens where you can choose diagrams for export, as described in the Advanced Diagram sorting.


Advanced diagram sorting

If you click Finish, a report with all selected diagrams is generated.


Diagram in Word document