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Check out of Server License

Starting from the 7.0.2 release-build of Modeler User can check out Server license. This functionality allow User to work with Server license offline and without connection to License Server . The number of offline days is defined in the license options.  It is not possible to check out the license when there is 0 offline days is set for it. User can check if it possible to check out the license in the license activation window within the Client license information.

Make sure that Server license is started or you can connect to it.

To check out the Server license User need to Login to necessary database and open License activation window and click CheckOut button. After that License for this database will be checked out by User.  

User can work offline without connection to Server license as many days as Offline days set for this license in License options. When offline days will go by Check out will be taken off from the license and User won’t be able to work with current license.  

The Server License can be checked out several times if there are several users allowed to work with this database. Every check out locks one slot so the number of allowed users become one less.

When there is no necessity to have license checked out a User need to open License activation window and click CheckIn button. Check out will be removed from the current license.

If for current Server license  bit AnyDB is off the Modeler can’t work with its own Databases. Modeler will take list of Databases from the Server License application. So User can work with Modeler only with connection to Server License unless the Database was checked out.