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An (object) class is basically a group or category for objects.

Classes are therefore data groups that are displayed below the data hierarchy branches of a unit in the repository or in the Database Designer. The creation and management of classes takes place in the designer.

Each unit can contain any number of classes, which in turn can contain any number of objects. Classes of higher or deeper hierarchy levels inherit their structural elements (Property Group & Property) hierarchically to each selected unit; If necessary, the display of these inherited elements can be controlled with the appropriate unit filters in Database Designer.

Diagram Classes

Diagrams belong to diagram classes, where diagram-specific properties and diagram templates are stored. As for object classes, you can create property groups and properties for diagram classes. For each diagram class, a template (or more) can also be selected, which should be available for the creation of a diagram of this class.

To create a diagram class, right-click on the diagram branch of a unit in the Database Designer and select “New”. In the properties of the newly created class diagram, you can select which template/s should be applied for this class. The list of templates depends on the template path from a unit - i.e., this list is generated from the templates located in the folder, where the template path of the unit is displayed. If you have defined a template for a class diagram and then create a new chart, the corresponding diagram class is set automatically, i.e.according to the selected template.

File Classes

Uploaded files to the database belong to file classes in which file-specific properties (e.g.size, path, etc.) have been stored. These file classes allow a basic categorization of uploaded documents. As for object classes, you can create property groups and properties for diagram classes.


If no file class exists in a model or a database, no files can be uploaded to the database!


Selection of the Diagram Class


Classes under the data-hierarchy branch of the Unit “0.organizational structure” in Database Designer