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URL (to Exchange Web Services), domain, login, password and version of Exchange Server should be specified to link tasks with exchange. User should have an ApplicationImpersonation role in exchange.

How to setup that role in Exchange 2010 SP1 - [](

Exchange version should be at least 2007 SP1 (all previous versions do not support API).


Apparently, that version should be specified only to limit allowed actions in API. But in TaskManagement all used functionality is presented in 2007 SP1 version. Therefore,  apparently we can remove this setting. “Check the certificate” option is also not important.

By enabling this option, certificate of exchange server will be tested on connection. Connection will be allowed only for a server with valid signed certificate or with self-signed certificate with untrusted root. When creating a new task, the executor can be selected from the list of known users.

When pressing “Load the contacts” button, this list is filled from address book of the exchange user specified in settings for integration. If “Forbid to edit the tasks in p4b which have already been sent to Outlook (Exchange server)” is enabled, all tasks that were linked with exchange tasks, cannot be edited in modeller. All those tasks should be edited in exchange, and can be loaded from exchange to p4b.

“The deletion of a task in p4b shall remove it automatically as well from the Exchange server” is for enabling automatic deletion of a task from exchange when a linked task is deleted in p4b. So when a task is deleted in p4b, p4b tries to delete the task from exchange as well. The result of that deletion will not affect the initial task deletion in p4b.