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Creating a color theme

Create a New WebPublisher Color Theme

The easiest way to create a custom WebPublisher theme is to copy an existing theme and then modify it.
Publisher is shipped with 2 built-in themes:

  • default
  • Simple Green

Here is a step-by-step manual on how to clone the “Simple Green” theme, modify it, and save the modified copy in db.

Create a Custom Theme

  • Navigate to the publisher themes folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\process4biz\Extensions\Publisher Server\config\styles

    The themes shipped with setup are stored in this folder.


  • The “Simple Green” folder contains theme related files. Copy it to some other location, e.g. C:\Temp


  • Rename the copied “Simple Green” folder so that it is named appropriately:


  • Modify files in this folder (css-style files, images, etc.) according to your preference. Put CSS theme files to “css” subfolder; put custom image files to “img.” subfolder. Note that you can use this folder directly in publisher as custom theme by selecting it as “theme” in options:


Save the theme in the Database

  • In the site options dialog, click ”Upload” and select the folder with custom theme to upload it to the database. This should add a new item to the list of themes uploaded to the database:


  • Switch theme selector to “Database” and select this new theme in the list:


  • You can also Extract the theme from the database to the disc folder in order to modify it. Themes no longer used can be deleted from the database by clicking on Delete.
  • This should select theme in the database as Custom Theme. Note that database themes are marked with the ”#” sign.