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Creating a dependency diagram

A dependency diagram shows the links of an object. They are created as follows.

  • Select an object whose links you want to display, right-click on the context menu to open it and select the function new dependency diagram.
  • First enter the name of the diagram. A name such as “dependency diagram for” Activity2” is automatically given. When you create a dependency diagram for several objects, a name such as “multiple selection for the dependency diagram” is proposed automatically.
  • Then select the class of the diagram. 


  • In the following window you can indicate the number of levels to be displayed (= number of link levels of “predecessors + successors” and their “predecessors + successors”, etc.). 
  • Finally, the displayed objects can also be deselected or selected individually based on the predecessors and successors of the respective levels for the dependency diagram. The class of objects is displayed in brackets. By default, all objects are drawn on the new diagram automatically.


  • A Visio window follows where you can select a format template.


  • Then click OK.
  • A diagram with the object dependencies appears. 


  • You can also “update” the dependency diagram when the object for example has been linked with new objects. Open the diagram and right-click on the object whose linked objects you want to add for the display of the dependencies. From the context menu chose add linked objects. Finally, the dependency diagram wizard appears, where newly linked objects are already activated and the objects already used in the diagram are deactivated.


After you click Finish, these newly linked objects are added to the diagram.