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DAX_001: Usage of the \"Dynamix AX layers\" extension

Checkboxes and attributes of layers:

  • Suppose that object ActivitiesMain (Aktivitätsdetails) has three filled layers - SYS, SYP and GLS:
    329309 {width=“530”}
  • Note the checkbox positions for these layers in our “Dynamix AX layers” extension:
  • See the object’s representation on diagram:

The algorithm is simple:

  1. Check all filled layers.
  2. Collect data for these layers from “Dynamix AX layers” extension - first row means 1, second 2 etc. (for example: it is 3 for SYS layer, 2 for SYP and 1 for GLS).
  3. Choose the maximum data for the filled layers (in our case: for SYS, SYP and GLS) - it is 3. Note that the VAP layer is set to value 4, but it is not used because the respective property is not filled in our object.
  4. This means that 3 stairs in ladder will be filled on the diagram (for this object).