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Defining the structure for the report

To create a Document Composer report from parts of your model, you can either create a special diagram (a so-called structure diagram) or use the existing diagram structure (parent - child diagrams). 

If a structure diagram is used, it is specific to this report and is used to provide the structure and other texts that can be inserted into the report. In order to easily understand how it works, please see the handbook diagram in the Unit “Document Composer” in the DEMODB.


Create a structure diagram

Please create a diagram first, which uses shapes of two kinds. In this example, these shapes come from the classes “handbook” and “chapters”. These shapes are directly linked to each other via the link types “includes” and “is included in”. The structure of the document is later automatically created from these objects starting with the top-level object handbook and then all objects of the class chapter. This will create the table of contents.

You can also use diagram links for linking to diagrams. The linked diagrams are automatically added to the document either as an image or as a Visio object (see next chapter for settings). You can also create special properties (e.g. text properties), to be used later in order to be added to the report.

Use diagram structure

The existing diagram structure may also be used. This occurs automatically through the diagram-object-diagram links. This can be useful for example in the creation of process descriptions from process diagrams groups (for example in the DEMODB in the AX or NAV reference model).