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Diagram Storage

SharePoint document library can be chosen as diagram storage. To do so one should create a SP site in Db Settings and then execute ’Change diagram storage’ wizard from ‘Diagram’ part of the visio ribbon. In that wizard there will be a page to select diagram storage, where SP library can be specified.

  • Site: user should choose from list of existed SP sites (if site is already used as diagram storage, it is specially marked).
  • Library: document library of the chosen site where user wants to store diagrams. List is filled with all document libraries of that site.
  • Sync rule: Select an existing rule or create a new one for selected site, where diagram synchronization can be configured. By default synchronization for diagram name is enabled (and cannot be disabled). User can change that value without changing of anything else to just to relocate diagram synchronization from one rule to another.

When wizard is successfully finished, all diagrams are moved to selected document library of selected site. Selected rule (or new rule that was created) is configured to perform diagram synchronization. User then can configure that rule to choose diagram properties to synchronize.

Deleted diagram in SharePoint would not be deleted in Modeler.

If you want to change diagram storage from one SharePoint site to another make sure all diagrams deleted in SharePoint are deleted in Modeler too.