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Diagram Update

The function Update Diagrams is available to users with update permissions and can be called by selecting the function Update Diagrams… from the drop-down menu under Update diagrams button.



There are several ways to update diagrams. Multiple options can be selected simultaneously: 

  • Refresh diagrams with data from the database (e.g. update with text and property values from the database). This function does not perform a master shape update. It updates objects on diagrams based on information from the database, when for example texts or properties have been changed, which are shown on diagrams. This option allows you to save all diagrams at once (e.g. as SVG files, as shown below in the digression). The database is not updated. 
  • Update database with information from the diagrams (e.g. analyze the diagrams and refresh the objects usage and linkage in the database). This function does not perform a master shape update. It updates the database with information from the diagrams. The diagrams are not saved. Use this function when you have performed changes to the automatic link technologies in the designer. When you enable for example a specific automatic link for a class later, then all objects of the selected classes on all selected diagrams are analyzed. The information obtained about the location and links of objects is then stored as links between the objects concerned in the database.
  • Update the diagram template (logo, background etc …). This option allows you to update the template of all diagrams. That is, if the template (* VST Visio file with opened stencils (stencils)) has been changed (logo replaced, new templates (stencils) added, size changed, etc.), these changes can be transferred to other selected diagrams. The prerequisite is that the diagram template consists of two sheets: a foreground and a background.
  • Remove hidden information from diagrams (The type of hidden information to remove can be selected on the next pages). This feature removes hidden information that is stored user-specifically for each Visio diagram. This can be e.g a template directory that refers to an outdated network path and thus slows down extremely the time for opening a diagram as it tries to find and open this path. 


  • Update the diagrams to comply with edited master shapes. This function transfers subsequent changes to master shapes on existing diagrams. You can define in the next steps the update settings. 
  • The option Create backup copies of diagrams is activated automatically so that unwanted changes can be reversed, when one of the dangerous options has been selected: update the diagram template, use an update script, remove hidden information from diagrams, update diagrams to comply with edited master shapes.
  • Select Run validation scripts to update diagrams with a special ”* .vbs” script.

You can either click Next to move to the next wizard page, or click Finish to exit the wizard with the default settings.