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Displaying Properties as Visio Data Graphics

Preliminary note:

The display of properties as Visio data graphic is possible only with Visio Professional 2010 or 2013.


  • Define the corresponding shape-specific property.
    It is advisable to define this property as mandatory field, and to set a default value to prevent it from being forgotten or disregarded.
  • Adjust the shape, designated for displaying the data graphic.
  • Select “Equip this master shape with properties” in the context menu of the shape and equip the shape with the desired property.
    The property “Visio value adjustment mode” should in this case be set to “Use typed value”.
  • Define under “Data” - “Define Shape Data”> (found in the context menu of the respective shapes) the corresponding shape data:


Make sure that “type” and “value” are set to “number” and “0” as in the screenshot above.

  • Add under “Data” - “Add data graphic”>; (found in the context menu of the respective shapes) the desired data graphic and adjust its values according to the property initially selected:


  • Integrate the finished shape again in the desired stencil (save and terminate the edit mode of the stencil).
  • Optional: Display the shape-specific property in the shape context menu to simplify the work:


See: Property Group & Property