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Exported Contents

Title page and summary of the open document are based on the predefined Word document template (see document template for Word Reporter). 
The index generated automatically based on the export procedure, lists the diagrams exported to Word and the items shown in diagrams, in the order that you defined previously Extended Diagram Sorting. Part of a table of contents can be seen in the picture below.


The following pictures show the display of objects or data objects in MS Word based on the formatting settings of the document template. When diagram properties are exported, they are listed after each diagram. 


Depending on which option you selected in the WordReporter Wizard, object properties will be listed either by each diagram or only after the presentation of all diagrams. 


Object and diagram properties can be shown on request in tabular form in order to increase clarity (see Publication Settings): 


When object and diagram links are exported, they appear after the properties of each object. Linked objects are sorted by link types. Classes of objects as well as association objects (if any) are also listed. If a linked diagram is assigned to a diagram class, this class is also displayed. If linked objects and diagrams exist in the document, you can jump by clicking to the respective document page. 



At the end of the report is the index of key words with the names of all data objects and diagrams that appear in the generated WordReport: 


This directory facilitates the location of objects or diagrams and thus simplifies the evaluation of the generated report.