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FAQs before contacting the p4b-Helpdesk

Helpdesk (= technical support) is available on and caters for all problem reports and questions regarding the functions of the software covered by the annual Maintenance & Software Assurance.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Before the helpdesk contact is made, it is advisable to consult the following collection of links to FAQs and tips for troubleshooting.

Contents of a support request

*The ability to contact the help desk from the software ( menu).

In order to ensure an as fas as possible and target-aimed solution, we kindly ask you to keep the following key points in mind, when contacting Helpdesk:

  1. An overall description of the problem
    If possible, please include screenshots and if necessary log files (see: Inst_005: Running the setup with a logfile{.unresolved},  Activate the logfile as well as WebP_016: Troubleshooting & logfile for WebPublications.
  2. Ways in which the problem may reoccur
    If possible: a most detailed description of how the problem may reoccur.
  3. Expected result
    What should be achieved? (e.g. save diagram)
  4. Actual result
    What happens instead of the expected result? (e.g. error message appears in screenshot)
  5. Additional information
    Any information, which could be useful in solving the problem. (e.g. We just switched to Visio 2013, since then X appears… etc.)


Problems and/or errors due to contents which do not belong to the standard functionality of the software, are not covered by the annual Maintenance & Software Assurance.

This also means that the adaptation of custom shapes, templates, forms etc. is excluded from support demand. These questions can be directed to and be dealt with by our consultants.

From our EULA:

Updating or ensuring the functionality of the Visio diagrams, shapes, stencils, and templates created with as well as forms in Shapesheet during a release change of is in no case included in the maintenance carried out by us. Particularly not when during a release change the underlying Microsoft software was/had to be updated to a higher release. Nor are web publications or reports changed via custom stylesheets, programs, forms deviating from the standard ones repaired as part of maintenance. Maintenance does not cover the above cases during a release change even if our consultants helped you to design diagrams, shapes, stencils, templates, stylesheets, and reports with a former release. In all these cases we offer you our support with charged consulting services and instructions.