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Grouping Settings for Objects

Display of Units

It is possible to group objects by units (similarly to diagrams) in the WebPublisher in the following way:

No Units

Objects are not grouped by units

Group per Unit

Objects are grouped by units listed in alphabetical order.

Create Unit Hierarchy

Objects are grouped by Units that are listed in a hierarchy (as in the repository).

  • Include empty units
    This option allows the publishing of empty units without objects.

Grouping of objects

Object Classes

If you select this option, objects are grouped in the traditional way by classes.


You can create an ENUM property for all objects to group the objects by this property. For this purpose a corresponding property for the class “object” should be defined (under system classes). If you select the pop-up menu <Customize per class>, an additional dialog box is shown after you click Configure, in which you can define a property for each class, by which objects of this class are to be grouped.

Group Objects Alphabetically

If you select this option, the objects are sorted or grouped alphabetically within the class. Determine the number of objects per alphabetical group. We recommend that you select this option for large databases with many objects per class.

Collapse root (diagrams) node by default

If you enable this option for data, the data branch in the web portal collapses by default.