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IIS: Setting up a local website

  1. Create a folder on the server on which you want to publish your content and name it for example “process4”
  2. Open “Internet Information Services (IIS)” from Start → Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Computer Management.
  3. Add a new virtual directory under “Default Web Site”.
  4. Enter the name of the directory, specifying the path to the directory created previously for the publication content. Then click OK, the virtual directory is then added.
    a. Depending on the IIS configuration, it may be necessary to convert the directory to an application. You will find this option in the context menu of the respective (virtual) directory. 
  5. Now when you publish the content, enter the path to the folder you created earlier on the server
  6. Disable the option Setup IIS Website at target location


Step 6

  1. To open the web page with the published content, enter the following address:

    http://Server Name/website name

    In our example it would be:

``` xml


Step 4