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Inst_003: Starting of license server fails


You try to start the server license program from Server-Start license server and receive a message that the log file cannot be written:



You probably started it manually (and UAC is on).
In this case, license server lacks the access rights to write to “Program Files” folder (this folder is read-only for “normal users”)
Note that IF the license server is started BY SERVICE, there shall be no such problem (in this case it will have all needed rights).

OR, it appears that there IS already a server running (probably run from that service)
So this file can be locked by that second instance of the server.
This means also that it is possible that another instance of license server had been already started from the Windows service, and it has locked this file for itself.

To give all rights needed WHEN starting license server manually, you can run License server from the menu using “Run As Administrator”.