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Inst_005: Running the setup with a logfile


Information on the installation of p4b should be stored in a log file to create log file.


To create a log file, you should start the p4b setup (the *.msi file) with parameters. Open the command line write ”msiexec /i”, the path to the *.msi (e. g. process4biz_2005_51.msi), followed by ”/L*v” and the name of the log file (e.g. setup.log). The command line can be opened in several ways, e.g. via Win+X->command prompt or Win+R->“cmd”->Enter. The full command could look e.g. like this: **msiexec /i *D:\Install\p4b\process4biz_2005_51.msi /L\v setup.log. In this way the setup is started and the installation protocolled in a file with the given name in the folder of the setup.