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Installation parameters

Depending on your installation requirements and the purchased licenses, we will provide you with different setup files:

  • We supply * .exe files for the demo version, for the named user installation and for the Enterprise Portal Server.
  • For the concurrent user installation, there is also a * .msi file that allows the use in LAN from a central location

The use of on LAN via remote maintenance is possible through an administrator in “silent mode”. For this to happen, open the * .msi file delivered to you with the modifiable * .bat file, where you can put each relevant parameter for your installation. You can enter an alternative parameter directly in the Windows command line.

For the correct and automatic creation of the installation parameters for your individual * .bat file, you can use our Wizard: Silent Mode Installation Settings

In principle the following applies for the selection of components:

  •  0 = do not install
  • 1 = install

All parameters for the extensions listed below (except for “INSTALL_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY”) are installed by default. If you do not want an extension to be installed, you must specify this additionally in the command line with the parameter value “0”. Please note that running the “silent mode” installation is possible only as an administrator.

Overview of installation parameters

Parameter Description of the parameter Parameter Value (example)
INSTALL_DIR Enter here the place where you want to install =“C:\Program Files\process4”
PROFILES Select the storage location for the XML file of the profile =“C:\ProgramData\process4 ”
PROFILE_LOCAL Select the location for the local XML file of the profile = “C: \ Users \ Katya \ AppData \ Local \ process4
DBCONFIG_PWD Enter the password for the DBConfig (optional) = “P4b”
LANGUAGE_ID Select the language of the GUI that is displayed for the user on first login. (The user may later change the language in the application itself) Parameter “1031” -> for German Parameter “1033” -> for English Parameter “1036” -> for French = “1033”
USESERVERLICENSE Specify whether you want to use server licensing or not. = “1” - use; = “0” - do not use
LICENSESERVERNAME Enter the IP address or the name of that server on which the p4b license server program is running. (If the parameter USESERVERLICENSE is activated) = “” (The IP address is found automatically, when p4b has access from the virtual machine out to the server license program on host [= on the same PC]).
INSTALLLICENSESERVICE Define whether the license server is to be installed as a Windows service or not. This parameter should be activated only for the main computer (server) on which the service is started, and should be available for all other computers. (If the parameter USESERVERLICENSE is activated) = “1” - install service; =“0”- do not install service
LICENSEUSERNAME Enter the license user name. =“John”
License_Key Specify the license key. = “LX01-FK5R-RTS5 -…”
INSTALL_DB Define here, which p4b databases you want to install automatically via script with the connection profile during setup. You can also install an empty database. “0” -> no DB install; “1” -> Install an empty database; “2” -> Install a Demo Database; “3” -> Install both (Demo and empty database) = “1”
Concurrent License Server Name of the DB server (SQL Server) for the installation of the empty database = “MAURITIUS”
DBSQLAUTH_MODE Specify whether the SQL Server Authentication (with username and password) or Windows NT Integrated Security for SQL Server should be used for the SQL server access. The parameter is valid for the installation of the empty DB. “0” -> use Windows NT Use Diagram structure; “1” -> use SQL Server Authentication = “0” (When “1” is specified, a value should be assigned to the parameters DBUSERNAME and DB_PASSWORD
DBUSERNAME Login for the DB-Server to install the empty DB. =“sa”
DB_PASSWORD Password for the DB-Server to install the empty DB. =“123”
INSTALL_DBCONFIG Decides whether DbConfig should be installed. =“1” – install; =“0” – do not install
INSTALL_MODELER Decides whether should be installed; enter “0” to install only DbConfig (e.g. on the SQL server). =“1” – install; =“0” – do not install
INSTALLWEBPUBLISHER Web Publisher Extension = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALLWEBPUBLISHERIISSUPPORT The parameter installs the “IIS 6 Management Compatibility”. This option is necessary for a local p4b web portal to function properly on IIS 8. = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALL_SVG Select this option if you want to install the SVG viewer to display the diagrams in the web portal. (The SVG viewer is not necessary when using the IE9 +.) = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALL_AXAPTA Dynamics AX extension = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALLEXCELIEPPOINT Import-Export Manager (Excel, PowerPoint) Extensions = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
Word Template Word Template = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALLCOBITREPORTS Cobit Reports extension = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALLACTIVEDIRECTORY Active Directory extension = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALLSURESTEP Dynamics Sure Step reporter extension = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALLDOCCOMPOSER Document Composer extension = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALLTASKMGMT Task Management Extension = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install
INSTALLSPSYNC SharePoint Integration = “1” - install;= “0” - do not install



process4biz_2014_620.msi is only a variable - please enter the exact file name