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Demo version/trial license

When installing the clients, an trial license is automatically set up, so you can test the software before buying it. This trial license runs for 14 days and then cannot be used anymore.

With a license key, your 8-digit hardware fingerprint can be

  • extended for an additional trial period
  • unlocked with the acquisition of a license for permanent use

If you wish to use the software after the trial period, the appropriate licenses must be purchased. The models you created during the trial period can also be preserved.

Named User License

The software is as often installed and unlocked as allowed by the number of licenses purchased. You license the software for a certain number of named users on certain workplaces and they can use the software on the same physical LAN (Domain broadcast) at the same time. A Named User is thus a client that is on a clearly identifiable PC in LAN and will be granted access for the simultaneous database access together with other multi-user clients.

The Named User license is uniquely identifiable by the hardware fingerprint, a code composed of various hardware and software components of a real machine. Virtual machines cannot create a hardware fingerprint.

All extension modules are purchased separately per client.

Concurrent User License

The software can be installed as many times you wish on PCs on the LAN with the same domain broadcast,  whereby the maximum number of users simultaneously accessing the same SQL Server User corresponds to the legal licensing restrictions. You license the software for any number of users, but only a certain maximum number can be logged in the p4b DB at the same time on the same SQL Server to use the software. The named specification of the user or the unique identification of certain PC workstations are not required. Current users can thus be as many installable and unlockable clients as you wish, whose limitation is defined by the purchased number of clients who are allowed to access, in the same broadcast domains on the p4b database(s), the  SQL server at the same time.

This license form, which is attached to your domain, will function as long as the computer is part of the specified domain. However will also function when the computer is not connected to the network or when users are logged in as a local users and not as a domain users.

Concurrent Server License

The software is installed on any number of client computers existing within domains that are in possession of the licensee. This type of license requires the server license service to authenticate the p4b clients.

The use of virtual machines as well as the terminal server/Citrix access is allowed only in the Concurrent Server licensing model.

Server License Service

All other information on using and installing the server license service, can be found here: Server license .

Licensing of additional modules (Extensions)

Each extension module can be licensed under the named user license only per PC = Client. On the contrary, under the Concurrent User or the Concurrent Server license model each 1x purchased with 1 piece Extension module is available for all clients and can be used throughout the enterprise LAN by all users.

Change of license models

When changing later from single- to multi-user operation, the cost of single-user operation can be balanced later. The data and models can still be used.

It is possible to change later from named users to the elevated concurrent user/server license models, whereby the costs of the already purchased Named User licenses can be calculated. The number of clients must always remain the same and already purchased extension modules cannot be canceled. A change is always only possible to elevated license models.