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Link Rules

Link rules are managed in the Database Designer and use link technologies and link types to create automatic links between objects on diagrams. Link rules that use the manual link technology, also allow to link objects manually .

To create a new link rule, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the section “link rules” at the top of the navigation window in the Database Designer.
  2. Click the “New” button.


You can use the function "New" from the context menu of the section
"link rules".

Create a new link rule in the Database Designer.

  1. properties window for the newly created link usually appears.
  2. You can define the link rule through the following attributes:

    1. Name
      The desired name for this link rule.
    2. From Class
      Specifies the output class of the link; it can be set to ”<any>” so that the link applies regardless of the participating classes.
    3. To Class
      Specifies the target class of the link; can be set to ”<any>” so that the link applies regardless of the participating classes.
    4. Link Type
      Defines the link type to be used for this link rule.
    5. Technology
      Determines which link technology should be used for this link rule.

      1. If “swimlane” was chosen, the property stacking all shapes is available too.
      2. If “Drag & Drop” was chosen, the property only link is available.
    6. Rule
      Defines whether this link rule should be allowed; can be set to “Forbid” to stop links between objects.
    7. Condition & Notifications
      See: Conditions for Link Rules
    8. Diagram Classes
      Determines to which diagram classes the link rule should be limited; multiple selection is possible. If no selection is made, the link rule applies to all diagram classes.
    9. Priority
      Defines which link rule shall be applied when multiple rules have been created for a link type and for the same classes. The link rule with the lowest value in this property (= the highest priority) is used.
  3. Clicking OK creates the new link rule.


To apply a new link rule to an existing diagram, the diagram may need to be saved again.


The tab “link rules” in the properties window of the class “Activity”.

Alternatively to the above approach, link rules can be also directly created and managed in the properties window of classes in the Database Designer.

 If this approach is chosen, the following points should be noted:

  •  No name can be defined for the link rule.
  •  The initial class of the link is fixed on the class, whose properties window has been opened for the creation of the link rule.
  •  The link type can be edited directly or newly created.

 All other properties behave as described above.


Creating a new link rule over the properties window of a class.