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Linking Objects with Files

In it is possible to link files with objects and diagrams.

Files are either referenced through properties of the type “Hyperlink” or “path”, but they can also be uploaded directly into the database and then be linked. Both of these variants result in a smart tag on each object.

Upload files to the database

To upload files to the database, proceed as follows:

  1. Select in the repository the File class where the file should be available.
    If you have not created any individual file classes, the generic class “File” is only available.
If no single class file exists, no files can be uploaded to the
  1. Open the context menu (right mouse button), and select the “New” function.


    Click on the button “New” in the menu bar in the repository.

  2. The dialogue for selecting the file appears. 
    Optionally, you can decide here through a checkbox that the file will be referenced in the database, without having been actually uploaded.

  3. The properties window of the uploaded or referenced file appears.
    The following properties) are available specifically for files:

    1. Name
      Here a (new) name can be assigned to the file; by default, the name of the file selected in Step 3 is taken.

    2. Unit
      Indicates where this file will be created in the unit hierarchy

    3. Class
      The required file class can be selected.

    4. Is a link
      Indicates according to the selection in step 3, whether the file is uploaded or referenced.

    5. File size
      Indicates the file size in bytes.

    6. Original path
      Indicates the path from where the file has been uploaded.

  4. By clicking “OK”, the process is complete. The file is now available in the database.


As an alternative to this procedure, the function “upload a file (and link)” can be selected from the context menu of objects and diagrams. If you use this function, the uploaded or referenced file is linked directly to the selected object or diagram.

Context menu of files

In the context menu for uploaded files, you have the following file-specific functions:

  • Re-upload file 
    If an existing file has been modified, you can use this option to re-upload (and replace) the file.
  • Save the file(s) on a drive
    Downloads the selected file/s from the database.

To link files to objects or diagrams, proceed (similarly to the necessary procedure in order to link objects manually) as follows:

  1. Mark the desired object or diagram.
  2. Open the context menu by right-clicking and select “Properties”. 
  3. The tab “Files” shows in the upper part of the window all existing links to files, as well as in the lower part of the window all those files that can yet be linked.
  4. Select the file or object which should be linked with the initially selected object.
  5. Click on the button “Link”.
  6. Close the Properties window by clicking on “OK”.

Any number of files can be linked to an object or diagram; to do this, repeat step 4 and 5 for all other files.

  1. Open the Properties window of the desired object.
  2. Select the tab “files”.
  3. Select the desired link in the upper part of the window.
  4. By clicking on the button “Unlink” the selected link is deleted.


The properties window of an uploaded file.


File links of the object “Send offer”.