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Locking/Unlocking the Database Structure

To work in the Database Designer on design elements, it is necessary that the administrator (or a user with design rights), locks the needed unit first. Contents of locked units, then while still be visible in the repository but not editable for the period of the lock.

Lock or Unlock a Unit

  1. Use the left mouse button, to chose the unit in the navigation pane
  2. Open the context menu with the right mouse button and then select the serren function (or unlock)

As a result, we now sent a message to all user, to inform them about the lock and if necessary to give them the opportunity to still save their current work. This message can be provided by the blocking users with a maximum waiting time for the reply of the other users; after this maximum waiting time, the unit is locked by the system.

The symbol of a locked unit receives after the successful blocking a small lock and the symbols of the elements contained in this unit change color from gray to colorful to indicate that they are now editable. Units that have been locked by other users, are gray and also marked with a small lock.

If the Admin clicks unlock, the corresponding unit will be unlocked and all other users will be notified with a message.


Locking the Database Structure

Editing in the Designer without Locking

In the database settings it can be defined, by setting the appropriate hook, that editing the design elements should be possible without locking. You save an extra step when configuring the database structure, because you do not need to lock / unlock the units for processing.


This option is recommended only for single-user installations, as the simultaneous processing of the database structure in multi-user operation may result in database conflicts.


Global editing of design elements without blocking permit (database settings)