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Login as Windows User

The Necessary Rights

If you want to perform the login for database(s) with an SQL user, this user should have at least read and write permissions for the database(s), in other words s/he should be “db_datareader “and “db_datawriter”. In order to be able to update databases to a newer version (see Upgrading an existing installation), s/he needs in addition the “db_owner” rights. You can check on SQL Server via the management console whether a user has these rights.

Creating a Windows User in SQL Server

  1. Create a new login in SQL Server under Security -> Logins
  2. Enter the Windows username
  3. Give the user access to the database with the appropriate permissions. At least the fields “db_datareader” and “db_datawriter” should be activated for the selected databases. If the user is allowed to perform DBUpgrade too, then the “db_owner” should be additionally activated.
  4. Then activate the DBConfig “Use the integrated security of Windows NT” and click Test. If the connection to the database is successful, you can now log into the database