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Without logging in a database, cannot be used; therefore the login window is displayed after start by default. If you have started with Vision instead of with the shortcut, the Login button is displayed on the top left in the menu strip.


Please note:

Each user is allowed to log in a database only once. When a user logs in the same database for the second time (e.g. logs in another instance of Visio), s/he is automatically logged out of the previously existing Visio instance.


  1. Select Database
    Here you select the database you wish to open. The selection box displays all the databases for which a connection profile was defined in DBConfig. In addition, it enables you to seek for databases and filter the choices accordingly.
  2. Username
    Here the user is entered, with which the login is to be performed. See also: Permissions
  3. Password
    The password belonging to the registered user is entered in this field
  4. Optional: Use Windows NT integrated security
    This option is designed to allow you to log into the database with the currently logged-in Windows user. Point 2 and 3 are greyed out in this case and the current Windows user must have the necessary permissions. See also: SQL-Login as Windows User


Use the Logout command on the top left of the menu to log out of the currently open database.

Locked elements are available for editing by other users after the Logout (optional).