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Manual Object Links

Usually objects are linked automatically, i.e. through directly modelling on diagrams in the Graphical Visio Modeler.

If you link objects manually ( the repository), without a graphical representation of the two linked objects, proceed as follows:

  1. Mark the desired object.
  2. Open the context menu with the right mouse button.
  3. Select the function “Link to object”.
  4. The tab “Object Links” in the properties window of the selected object opens.

    1. In the upper window section existing links are displayed sorted according to link types.
    2. In the lower part of the window, these objects are displayed, which can be associated with the selected object. 
      If the class, to which the selected object belongs, has no corresponding link rule (= at least a link with manual link technology), this part of the window will be left blank.
  5. Select the object to which the initially selected object should be linked.
  6. Click on the button “Link”.
  7. Select the link type for the link.
    If necessary, an association object must be selected; if this is the case, the dialogue field expands and offers appropriate options.
  8. After confirming with “OK”, the link is created and is displayed as a result in the “Object links” in the upper part of the window.
  9. Close the Properties window by clicking on “OK”.


The tab “Object links” in an object properties window.

To remove existing manual links, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Properties window of the desired object.
  2. Select the tab “Object links”.
  3. Select the desired link in the upper part of the window.
    The registered changeable value in the column “deletion behavior,” provides information on whether a link can be currently manually deleted or not:

    1. If the desired link has no entry, it can be canceled manually. The button “Unlink” is active.
    2. If “Automatic” is set for the desired link, it cannot be deleted manually. The button “Unlink” is not active in this case.
  4. By clicking on the button “Unlink” the selected link is deleted.

Objects can be linked (on a diagram in the Graphical Visio Modeler) by pressing the shift key and dragging out of the Little repository.

To do this, select an existing object from the Little repository and drag it while holding down the Shift key to another object on the diagram. A window appears to select the link type and optionally the association object.

In addition, the following options are available:

  • Create only the link, but no new shape
    See: Link Technologies
  • Create a rule for this and do not ask next time
    If you activate this option, the link technology “Drag & Drop” in the Database Designer creates a corresponding rule for the classes used. If you re-link objects of these classes with Shift + Drag & Drop, no dialogue appears and the link is created automatically. If this option is disabled, creates a link between the two objects, but no corresponding rule in the Designer. The dialogue window is called up at the next Drag & Drop link.

If the Schwimlane technology is already enabled for the participating classes, objects are automatically linked. Although Shift + drag & drop is used, no dialogue appears for manual linking.


Dialogue window of a Drag & Drop link.