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Mod_005: Editing of p4b templates


You want to change the logo or other shapes in the p4b template but it is not possible.


Templates are created with background pages and are locked.


  1. Open *.vst template.
  2. Right click on the sheet and select from the context menu Show ShapeSheet.
  3. Change value of PageShapeSplit to ”0” and close the window.
    329391 {width=“650”}
  4. On the Developer tab chek the Drawing explorer box.
  5. In the Drawing explorer window select Background pages. Now you can edit your template.

After you have edited your template, click on the foreground page in the Drawing Explorer Window, set PageShapeSplit back to ”1” and save the changes to the template.

Visio 2016

Some shapes (e.g. logo) on a template may be locked using the Protection option in the Developer tab. In order to disable it, open Protection dialog and select All or None.


If a shape cannot be selected, it is probably due to Protection of the document (rather than a shape). To disable protection, right-click on the document name in the Drawing Explorer.