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Mod_015: Error on \"P4b-update instances\" (code 0x86DB052D)


In Visio 2010, an error appears in the Validation window on “Update instances”, when some of the following “Preserve” options are checked:

  • Line format
  • Fill format
  • Text format



The .vst template, on which the current diagram is based, was created in Visio 2013.

Visio 2013 stores template’s styles in a different way, that also affects .vst templates created in Visio 2013.

> In Visio 2013 there is a new master-based style included in all documents named ‘Theme’ and as you can see from the following screenshot, all of the other styles are inherited from this new item


On the Developer ribbon select to display “Drawing Explorer” and in the styles folder remove the “Theme” node as displayed on the following screenshot.