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Mod_028: Linking P4B objects using Visio connector


  • Connect (link) any P4B Objects on diagrams
  • Links are Visio connectors and not P4B objects
  • Links are directed (successor/predecessor = vorgaenger/nachfolger)
  • Links should work on all type of diagrams (Raci, Business Unit,…)
  • Use QueryBuilder to find connected objects results


  1. Create new LinkType in a desired Unit

    1. Set any name (in this example Connector)
    2. Set directed to True
    3. Set direct vectored name and opposite names
  2. Create new LinkRule

    1. Give it arbitrary name (in this example VorgNach)
    2. Set Link type to nachfolger
    3. Choose Direct technology
  3. Create new/open existing diagram
  4. Add P4B objects to the diagram (in this example B1 and B2)
  5. Connect them using Visio connector
  6. Save the diagram (links are created in the db only after the diagram is saved)
  7. 329546
  8. B2 is now a successor (nachfolger) of B1. Done!

Note that when there are multiple rules for a link type that can be applied, then the link rule with the highest priority will be used.


  1. Create Diagram with multiple connections (as described above):
  2. Go to QueryBuilder
  3. Create a new Query
  4. Restrict data to see only B1:
  5. Now we would like to find all connections to B1 (that is objects B2 and B5 from the diagram)
  6. Choose to show LinekedObject Name in the parameters of the query builder:
  7. Now, we would like to see what objects are connected to our connected objects (nachfolger von nachfolger), that is object B3 in the diagram. For that, we explicitely say that we want to trace 1 further nodes:
  8. If we would like to trace all reachable objects from object B1, we choose “Trace all links in the model recursively”:


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