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Object based content

A DocumentComposer report, using object-based content, is easily generated on the basis of object data from the special handbook diagram. It is possible to add blocks of text, chapter lists, linked diagrams, queries, attached files and page breaks to the report in the individual chapters (for a more accurate description see additional chapter paragraph types).

Here is an example:


This looks like this:


  1. Diagram: This block enters a linked diagram in the report.

  2. Query: Here you can add a QueryBuilder query to the report. Five different types of presentation are possible:
    “As Table” creates a table, “as a list with numbers” creates a list (in which each field is numbered), “As a list of numbers and field identifiers” creates a list with numbered fields, where the field identifier is placed in front of the field value, “As a bulleted list” creates a list in which each field has a bullet instead of a number, “as a list with numbers and bullets” creates a list where each field has a bullet and the field identifier is placed in front of the field value.

  3. Attached files: Here you can add a file to the report. Link an object of the class chapter on the specific handbook diagram with a file. 


Then click on the relevant chapter (in our example “Process Details”) in the DocumentComposer - Wizard and select in the lower window the option attached file.


In the report, the attached file is then displayed like this. Double clicking on the document symbol opens the file. 


  1. Page-/section break: You can add a page or section break 
    within the DocumentComposer Reports.