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Permissions for Sets

In the extensions sets are frequently used, to store settings for reuse. It is possible to manage the access rights to these sets for existing users and user groups.


Permissions management for Sets 

Permissions for Sets


The Create permission allows a group of users to create new sets, which are available as an option the next time the respective extension is used.

When create permissions are granted, the user role in question is granted automatically also the read permission. If no update permission has been granted, an existing set cannot be changed.


With the update permission, a group of users is allowed to modify a set. If the update permission has been set, the user group receives automatically also the read permission.


Enabling the delete permission allows a user group to delete a set. Sets can be deleted by a user with the delete permission either in the respective extension or directly in the authorisation window for sets. Select a set (in the upper or lower part of the window, that makes no difference) and click “Delete”.

When the delete permission has been set, the user role receives automatically also the read permission.


The read permission allows a user role to use an already created set. A user is allowed to make individual changes to this set, but without the update permission changes will not be saved.

The read permission is set automatically when the create, update or delete permission is available. If a user has no authorisation for a given set, s/he can neither see nor use this set (in this extension).