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Preparing the data for publishing in the Designer

Before publishing, you can decide which objects and/or diagrams should not be published. To do this, apply a special property “Disable for Web publishing ” in the Designer to those classes whose objects you do not wish to publish.

You can also apply this property to the system classes Object and/or Diagram so that it is shown for all objects and/or diagrams (see User Manual, Chapter Automatically create special properties).
Following this, you have the option to exclude objects and diagrams from publishing, while at the same time you can edit their properties and set the value of the
property to TRUE in the Repository:

If you do not want to display some diagram and object properties or property groups in the web portal, set their visibility value to “false” in the Designer. They will be hidden in the web portal and also in the Repository.
In each property has a property group Web Publishing with 1 property that allows you to manage the display of this property group in Web Portal:

  • Show in Web Publisher:
    If this property is set to True, the chosen property will be displayed in Web Portal in the object’s or diagram’s properties. If you do not want the property to be shown in Web Portal, set the value to False for it. E.g. property UUID. 

As a result, the object’s properties in Web Portal will look like this:

  • Show tool tip in Web Publisher:
    If this property is set to True, the chosen property will be shown on diagrams as a tool tip, when you move a mouse over an object. Otherwise it will not be shown in tool tip.