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Publishing of content


Start the WebPublisher

  • from the tab of in the Visio menu, under “Extensions”
  • via the context menu of a unit in the repository

The following functions are available for the Web publication:

Create a New Publication

This feature allows either a new website or a new model for an existing site to be created.

Update an Existing Publication

This option allows you to update an already published website or change the existing settings for the publication: update publication .

Delete an Existing Publication

This option allows you to delete content publications as well as the publication models and the website: delete publication


As of release 5.4.0, sets are used for Web publications in WebPublisher. If you want to import Web publications that have been published with a release that is older than 5.4.0, click this button and select the file ”<site> /models/config.xml”, which contains the data of the published models. Old publications can then be converted into sets and used with the current WebPublisher.