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RACI report

Starting the RACI report

To start RACI report select it in the menu under the menu item Extensions:



You need to be logged into one of the databases. The graphical user interface is presented in the language that you have defined in the global options of, found under the Visio menu item → Client Preferences … in the option field with the same name. In the selection field below “Define language for the display of model contents” you can select the language in which the contents of the RACI diagram are to be displayed and export

Export settings

Choose a set
Settings are stored in the set (selection of the unit to be exported, classes, properties, etc.). You can select an already defined set or define a new one. You can remove here sets no longer used.
In this window, you can define the set name and the description and you can also enter the translations. For existing sets you open this window by clicking on Set Details. The name of the set and the description can be translated into other languages; to open the translation window, click the button “T”.

Select the desired Unit(s) from which you want to export RACI data. The export can be performed only for data of one selected units within the same descending hierarchy line. No parallel units can be selected simultaneously for the export process.