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Renumbering Diagrams & Objects

With the function Renumbering .. in the ribbon under “Update diagrams”, you can renumber objects across multiple diagrams and the diagrams themselves. Diagrams and objects can be renumbered separately or together. There are two main methods to number diagrams and objects. 

  1. (Re)number the objects on a diagram first. After that the numbers of objects which are used for drill-down navigation shall be used for (re)numbering the child-diagrams.

The numbering of the diagrams depends on the number of the object that is linked with the diagrams. If an object called “1.8. Construction Orga “is linked to a diagram, the diagram becomes in addition to their own number, the number of the object (“1.8”). See the image below: 


2. (Re)number the diagrams first. Then (re)number the objects which exist on these diagrams and use the respective diagram’s number for the objects renumeration.

Diagrams are first numbered in the order in which they appear in the hierarchy tree. Objects are then renumbered independently on each diagram. The diagram number is used for the object numbering. If the diagram has the number “1.8.” objects will receive the numbers 1.8.1, 1.8.2, 1.8.3, etc.. The image shows the numbering:


To select the Numbering function, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click on the Diagram section of your choice on the left navigation window (or choose Renumbering on the top ribbon).
  2. Click on Renumbering… in the context menu.
  3. This opens the Renumbering wizard, where you can set the following settings: 


  • Start numbering from:

Enter the number from which the numbering should begin.

You can select one of the numbering methods described above: (*re)number the objects on a diagram first *or* (re)number the diagrams first.*

  • Remove numbers

With this option, you can remove any number of all diagrams and their objects, which you select in the subsequent dialogue box. If you want that existing numbers of diagrams or objects are changed during the numbering (i.e., that they are updated), the following options of database modifications should be activated:

  • Update object numbers
  • Update diagram numbers

Choose in the next step, all diagrams that you want to (re)number, or where the numbering should be removed. The selection of diagrams available in this screen depends on the selection you made previously (single diagram or diagram branch). If you want to renumber only diagrams of a particular unit, right-click on the diagram-branch of this unit and select renumbering ….


In the following window you can select the classes of the objects that will be renumbered or of those objects whose numbering you want to remove:


When you click Next, the numbering starts. If you want to renumber only diagrams, proceed as follows:

  1. Select in the renumbering wizard “Renumber first diagrams and then objects”.
  2. Disable the option “Update object numbers”.
  3. Select diagrams you want renumber.
  4. Select all classes. Diagrams are numbered according to the principle of the hierarchy tree.

If you only want to renumber objects in all diagrams:

  1. Select in the renumbering wizard “Renumber first objects and then diagrams”.
  2. Disable the option “Update diagram numbers”.
  3. Select all the diagrams.
  4. Select the classes of the objects you want renumber. 

If you want to renumber objects on a single diagram, right-click on the appropriate diagram and select Renumbering .. from the context menu. The renumbering wizard starts, but in this case only a reduced number of classes and their objects appears according to the object use on this diagram.

The numbering of objects depends on the directions of the object links. When objects A and B are linked automatically or manually and the direction has been set between them (with “from” or “to”), the two objects in the diagram are linked accordingly (1.A 2.B in the direction of A> B (A to B) and 1.B, 2.A in the direction of A <B (B to A)). If the direction is set to “both” or the two objects are not linked, they will be numbered by default from left to right and from top to bottom on the diagram.