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Server License

Server license can be created by administrator user and can be used on several computers. This type of license doesn’t work on virtual machine. If the License Server application is installed on computer with operating system Windows 8 or lower it is necessary to install Firewall 4.6.1.

To create Server license administrator user need to install License Server application on the computer.



After installation it is necessary to import the database that user want to make server (the database has to be already created) by entering License server management menu and choosing Import…

The Open window will be opened. 


One or several databases that will be available from License Server have to be selected from the list.  


After importing the database the server license activation has to be carried out. User has to enter File menu and choosing Activate license…


Activate License window will be opened. User has to Create new account (see New user section) or Log in if already has one by using an Email or Google or Facebook account.

Information about database displayed in the Activate License Window. If user administrates several customers he has to choose corresponding to this database associated customer from the dropdown list.

By clicking on the Activate button new server license will be activated. 

After license activation the number of licenses in the License Server will be increased. Now several users can have the access to the database with server license on the network if License server application is installed on user’s machine.


The number of database users working at the same time cannot exceed the maximum number of Users allowed for this license.

After license activation the license type has to be change in the modeler. Open the License activation window and click the button Select licensing type


In the opened License activation window change the type of license from ONLINE License to SERVER License and press the button Next > .

Server licenses will be activated and user can login to the database in the modeler. In the list of the databases only databases with server license will be available.

Server License configuration

It is possible to configure License Server with static adress. In License Server modal window open License Server management… menu and select Open configuration… Here a User can set Server License should use static adress.


This License Server address should be specified in Client settings in the Modeler.