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Shape-Specific Properties


Shape-specific properties are properties that permit the attribution of objects based on shape.


Display the shape data

These properties can be controlled in Database Designer, via the property “Shape-specific” in the properties window. Shape-specific property can only be set for properties of property groups of a class (e.g. for a new property of Definition property group of Activity class) and not properties of a class.


For shape-specific properties, all features of normal properties (e.g. mandatory; see Creating a new Property), and separate system properties (Shape: Geometry and Shape: diagram) are available.

In order to be able to trace the shape belonging to a shape-specific property, i.e. to know the number of a shape on a diagram (as it appears in the properties window), the function “shape data” can be used in the context menu of a shape.


A property that is already associated with a master shape, cannot be shape-specific in any way. Therefore this option is hidden, as soon as “Shape-specific” is set to “true”.


A particular activity is subject to a certain risk, depending on where and when it is carried out.

As this is always the same activity (= the same object of the class “Activity”), but the risk varies, this is a classic case of a shape-specific property.

The following procedure is necessary:

  1. Create a new Property in the class “activity” for the desired Unit
    (e.g. “Risk” with the Enum items “Low, Medium, High”)
  2. Set the property “risk” you have just created to “Shape-specific=True”

Result: You now have the option to equip the created property “risk” you just created with the desired value in the section “Shape-specific” in the properties window for objects of the Class “Activity”. This value can vary according to shape, i.e. for each occurrence of an object of that class on a diagram, and thus the varying risk of this activity can be recorded accurately.

See also: Displaying Properties as Visio Data Graphics