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SharePoint Site

To use SharePoint Synchronization user need to add already exiting SharePoint site to the SharePoint sites list.  In the Database settings select SharePoint sites tab. Here user can add new site, edit or delete sites. If selected site is used for diagram storage, then there are two kind of messages that appears for edit and delete actions. That site cannot be deleted, so user just informed about that and deletion is cancelled. And it is not recommended to edit such site (because it may lead to not accessible diagrams), so user is asked if he really want to edit that site.
Site edition is performed in the following dialog.

To add new site to the list click the button New… 


Edit the SharePoint site window will be opened.  User need to fill the following fields:

  • Name: The symbolic name for the site.

  • URL: URL of the site.

  • Login credentials: From the dropdown menu, user can select credential type that will be used to authenticate with specified site. There are three types:

    • Default credentials: current windows-user credentials will be used (will be set on default).
    • Network credentials: allow to use login and password of the SharePoint site (need to be specified).
    • Office365 credentials: allow to use login and password of the Office365 (need to be specified).
  • Username: login.

  • Password: password.

  • Use the entered credentials as well for synchronization: This property determines if any user can use credentials entered above for synchronization. If checked, user can use his own credentials, or select to use credentials from site. Otherwise, user must provide credentials to use synchronization.

  • Use as SharePoint site prefix in hyperlink properties: there is a functionality that hyperlink is marked in SmartTag if it’s starts with some predefined path. Now that functionality is extended to use list of paths instead of only single one. To include SP site to that list one should check this checkbox.


Entered credentials will be used for any kind of configuration (whether  for changing the diagram storage or for SP synchronization configuration). User can use this credentails for synchronization if it is allowed by the settings.

When user entered SharePoint site information and click OK button, the connection to the site will be established. If information about site is not correct, (URL cannot be resolved or there is no permission to access the site under the specified credentials) the warning window will inform user about this but by clicking “Yes” button the site information will be saved anyway.