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System Properties for Diagram Page

The diagram placed on the Visio page that has its own properties. In the Designer this properties belongs to Diagram page class (System classes) and new property groups and properties can be added there.


To open property sheet of the Diagram page click right button of the mouse on black area of the diagram and select from the context menu page properties…


Diagram Page property sheet will be opened. It contains standard properties such as Name, Unit, Class, Description  and some specific properties which divided in to three property group (Definition, Description, Administration):



True if the page is a background Visio page, set from Visio.

Visio back page ID 

The ID of the background Visio page (if a background page for this page exists).

Page ID

The ID of the current page that set from Visio page ID.

Page index 

The index (sequential number) of the page, set from Visio.


Connected to p4b 

Set to false to disable P4B functions for the page of a diagram (like menus, events, etc).

Enable automatic linking 

Set to false to disable the automatic linkage functionality for the page of a diagram. That means, the page will not be analyzed by P4B and automatic links will not be generated for the P4B objects represented by shapes.