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System Properties for Diagrams

Complements the list of system properties.

The following system properties are available for diagrams, here divided according to property group:



Here you can specify to which diagram class a diagram should belong.

Template Name

This system property shows the name of the template, which is used for the diagram. The property is read-only and is automatically updated when saving a diagram.

In Diagram Update Wizard, you can use a filter according to this property and select all diagrams that use the currently selected template.

Approval Management

Optionally available when the approval management has been activated.

Authorisation Status

Shows the authorisation status of each diagram.

Date of change of Authorisation Status

Shows the date of the most recent authorisation change.

Authorisation or Deletion Date

Optionally available; shows the date of the last authorisation or deletion.

Expiration date of Authorisation

Optionally available; shows the expiration date of the authorisation status.

Authorisation Comment

Optionally available; enables comments during the authorisation process.

Keep old when not approved

Optionally available; allows already approved objects or diagrams to be kept in the web publication, when their status was changed since the last publication to a non-approved draft status.


This system property controls the creation of automatic links on diagrams. The value “true” or “False” allows or forbids this.

As a rule, the value for diagrams should be set to “true” to allow automatic links.


 Through the creation of a dependency diagram, the system changes this value to “false”.