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Tags are individually custom metadata, which enable you to group and categorize objects outside the unit - and class hierarchy and equip them with additional information (e.g cost center, location, etc.) which is not covered by the properties. Objects can also be equipped with multiple tags.


Overview of all tag classes and tags in the demo database

Working with Tags

Tags On or Off

Tags belong to the system properties and can be created or removed through the context menu of a (system) class also automatically.

  • To activate tags for class (diagrams) click right mouse button on it and select from the context menu spesial properties. Click on the Tags propertie and it will  result in  checkmark next to it. When tags are activated from the context menu of a (diagram) class, the system property “tags” is added only to this one (diagram) class.
  • If tags are available for all diagrams and/or classes of a database, they can be activated in the context menu of the system class “General diagram” and/or “General Property”.


Manage tag classes in the Database Designer

Create and Manage Tag Classes

Tag classes can be created and managed via the corresponding item in the upper part of the navigation window in Designer Database. Similar to the “normal” classes for objects or diagrams, tag classes can also be equipped with property groups and properties to assign properties to the tags contained therein.


Select objects with tags window

Manage Tags

Tags are displayed via the button “tags” on the top left in the menu.

The display of tags is based on the repository:

  • Tags are divided into classes in the left navigation window.

  • In the right object window, the objects equipped with the selected tag or with a tag of the selected class are displayed.

  • The menu strip of the tag display, provides - similar to the repository - the options for creating, editing, and deleting tags.


Manage tags window

Create Tags
  1. Choose one tag class where the tag should be created.

  2. Click the “New” button in the menu strip.


    Call the context menu (right-click) of a tag class and select “New …”

  3. The properties window appears.

  4. Enter a name, and the desired property values for the new tag.

Equip objects and/or diagrams with tags

Objects and/or diagrams can be equipped with tags in 3 ways:

  1. With the option “Select objects with tags…” in the context menu of a tag tab.
    This function opens a window with list of the objects for which the property “tags” is available and there you can assign selected tag to all objects and/or diagrams. It is also possible to filter according to class and/or unit and invert the display of those elements that have already been equipped with the selected tag.


  2. With the option “Manage tags…” in the context menu of the object and/or diagram. This function opens the window with list of the tags that can be assigned/cleared to this object or diagram. It is also possible to filter according to class and invert the display of those elements that have already been equipped with the selected tag.

  3. Via the properties window of an object or diagram
    A selection window can be opened via the property “tags” in the Properties window where all tags (which can be filtered according to tag classes) are displayed. Here you can assign to the object or diagram the desired tags via the checkboxes.