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Timeline Properties for Classes & Diagrams

Create special timeline properties for diagrams and classes in your database.

  • Choose in Designer the system class diagram, right-click to select Special Properties → TIMELINE: Enable timeline function. Specific timeline properties are added to the class diagram.


  • Enable the specific timelines properties for your classes. You can select whether the object should be used as a time interval (e.g. an activity that is carried out from a given date to another) or as time point (e.g. an event which occurs at a particular time).


  • A time-point object has the property time where the date is displayed. A time-interval object has the following properties: start time, end time, duration. The value for the property duration is calculated automatically “duration = end time - start time”. If the start time or the end time are changed, the value for the property duration changes accordingly; and vice versa: if the value for the property duration has changed, then the end time changes accordingly.

The property duration is generated differently, depending on whether start and end time are defined in absolute or relative format:

  1. for diagrams with absolute date format as from 02.01.2013 to 03.03.2013, the duration is an exact number of calendar days,
  2. for diagrams with relative date format as from -4m to 0, the time is calculated in days. We assume that a “relative” month has 28 days (4 weeks).