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Using Orgcharts

Visio Orgchart diagrams can now be used in To use this functionality you need an orgchart template. You can copy Visio OrgChart templates and stencils and add them to the list of templates. Note that this function can be activated only for built-in Visio templates. You should see both tabs “Orgchart” and “” in Visio.


Suppose you have a class position in your database. To enable the integration, you should add Visio org-specific properties to this class. You can activate add special properties in Designer using the menu.


From now on Orgchart and are able to work together.

We have created the property “position type” with *“Is master shape = True” for the class *position. This property has the following enumerator units that meet the orgchart-shape name:


Now if we drag a shape with this name from the Org chart stencils to the diagram, it becomes the object with Org chart properties. When you change some values of Shape properties in the Org chart, they are also changed in and vice versa.