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Using Several Diagram Pages

In Visio it is possible, to add additional Visio pages for a diagram. This additional page can be used as of Release 6.0.0 also in too.


To create a new Visio page, open a p4b diagram and click on the icon:


A new Visio page is created and a warning will inform you that automatic link technologies are enabled by default only on the first page.


By right-clicking on the new page, you open the page properties.


In the window “Diagram page properties”, you can define the name of the page. The page name can be translated into other languages. Via the property Connected to you can define whether shapes that are used in this page should be objects (with corresponding properties) or pure Visio shapes. Via the property Enable automatic linking, you can define whether automatic links should work on the page, or only on the main diagram page.