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Using the DocumentComposer

Basic Functionality of the Document Composer

The Document Composer, abbreviated DC, is another version of the WordReporter. With the Document Composer, the structure of the document (e.g. Quality Management Manual) can be defined, using a specific wizard and published with the contents from the database (objects and diagrams). Moreover, the content selected with QueryBuilder queries from the database can be included.

The queries results vary according to the adaptation of the model and these modified results can be incorporated automatically at defined locations in the Word-based report. MS Word thus serves as the output format for a collection of queries that have been created with the Query Builder, and in which the individual queries can be designed flexibly with parameters, so that e.g. general report content can be enriched (controlled via variables) with specific results. A good example for this are job descriptions or various quality management manuals that can be created comfortably with the Document Composer together with the Query Builder.

Installing the Document Composer

To install the Document Composer on your computer, choose the necessary parameters in the installation. The Document Composer is available from the Modeller 5.4.0.

Opening the Document Composer

The Document Composer can be started from the menu band, where you can find extensions and then the Document Composer option:


Language Selection for the Document Composer and the content

You must be logged in in one of the databases. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is displayed in the language that you selected in the global p4b settings. These can be found in the Visio menu: -> Client settings …
You can also determine the language in which the database content will be exported to Microsoft Word. 


Before you start the DocumentComposer, make sure that all Word documents are closed, so that you avoid possible errors that may occur while you edit the document.