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Validating Property Values

In the system property group “Validation”, it is possible to validate the property values.

The validation rule and validation message can be defined for each proeprty in the Database Designer (except for system properties) .

If the “validation rule” field is filled, the “Validation Message” box will automatically appear.


  1. Create a property that needs to be validated or edit an existing property in the Properties window

  2. Set a validation rule
    For our example, the value of an integer property must be between 3-7, but must not be 3 or 7.
    The validation rule used here is therefore the following:

    3 < Value AND Value < 7
  3. Enter a validation message
    For our example: “The property value must be between 3 and 7!”

  4. Confirm the changes with “Ok”

Result: the applied or edited property may from now on only have the values 4, 5 or 6; otherwise an error message is shown for incorrect values.


Validation rule and validation message in the properties window of a property


Error message according to the validation rule