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Visibility Settings

It is possible to hide unitsclassesobjects and diagrams as well as data and diagram branches in selected units (or in all units) in the database (and to show them again).

This feature is user-specific and can be used to simplify the model structure optically; i.e. you can hide all those objects that are not relevant to a user.

Manage Visibility

To hide (or show again) an item, right-click in the repository or in the Database Designer on the item and choose in the context menu “Manage Visibility”. In the next window, you can define in which units the selected item is to be visible or invisible.


  • When classes are hidden, they are also hidden in Little Repository, but they are not removed completely; i.e. you can still create new objects of a hidden class on diagrams by using the appropriate shape.
  • When a unit, a data-branch or a class (in the navigation tree) is hidden, then all objects of this unit or class are hidden in the repository (or in the Object Explorer).
  • When you create a child-unit for a hidden unit, this is also hidden.

To see which items are hidden for a user (for example to show them) again, you can use the unit filter.