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WebP_010: Setup IIS website at target location cannot be ticked


You publish a database in Web-Portal with WebPublisher, but the option “Setup IIS website at target location” cannot be checked. What does this mean and what are the consequences?



This option is disabled, because IIS (Internet Information Services) are not installed on your computer. IIS is a cost free part of Windows XP PROFESSIONAL (not HOME edition) and can be installed anytime by using your Windows Setup CD.


If you publish to your local computer and do not have another service installed on localhost (e.g. Apache Webserver), it is necessary to install IIS. Otherwise websites for the local portal cannot be generated and opened.

If you do not publish on the local computer, but your Web-Server runs in LAN, then you do not need to install IIS on your local computer and it does not matter that this button is disabled. You can publish anyway if you have WebPublisher licensing on your PC, but you have to move the published files from your PC to the Webserver in the LAN. Please note that IIS in this case do not have to be installed on the computer where you publish your database content.